Ambient vaporizer gas -LPG (Ito koki) หม้อต้มแก๊สที่ไม่ใช้ไฟฟ้า


Air vaporizer Gas  / Ambient vaporizer gas  LPG 

Net Zero emissions  , Zero  Carbon

SR  Super Rizer

SR Series vaporizer is air heating type vaporizer and it utilizes thermal energy. this type doesn't need  special heat source . The concept of this vaporizer is safety , economic efficiency and saving energy.

The Feautures of SR-W series

Outstanding economic efficiency

1) No running Cost !!    The  types vaporizers are very economical they don't need nitial cost for heat source and running cost for vaporizing LPG .

2) Extermely  long life !!  The material of these vaporizers body is aluminium alloy.This material  is good efficiency of heat transfer and durable .The lifetime is semi permanent.

3) No -Rusting  The material of these vaporizers control box is stainless steel.It doesn't coorode and keeps beautiful luster for a long time.

Specification Standard 

Outlet pressure : 0.12 -0.15 Mpa

Design Temperature : -30 C to 50 C

Pressure Test Pressure : 2.7 MPa

Airtight test pressure : 2.0 MPa

Model                                              Vaporization Capacity (kg/h)

SRT-100S                                                       100

SRT-200 S                                                      200

SRT-300Wl                                                     300

SRT-400 WL                                                    400

SRT-500 WL                                                    500

SRT-600 WL                                                     600

SRT-800WL                                                      800

SRT-1000 WL                                                   1000

SRT-1200 WL                                                   1200

SRT-1500 WL                                                   1500

SRT-2000 WL                                                    2000

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