Flow meter for Air compressor and Nitrogen-  TRX / TRZ

Ultrasonic Flow meter for Air and Nitrogen - Aichi  Tokei มิเตอร์วัดลม , มิเตอร์วัดแก๊สไนโตรเจน

Examples  of applications

1.For detection and countermesure of factory air leakage.

2.For energy specific unit management by measuring air comsumption amount of each building ( Factory A , factory B, etc.) on a factory 's premises.

3.For Visualization control of load a factor at compressor operation.

Model :  TRX25B , TRX32B , TRX40B ,TRX50B , TRX65B ,TRX80B,TRX100B,TRX150B ,TRX200B

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